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Quincy Fire Department Fire prevention Bureau

The Quincy Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau is located at Quincy Fire Department Headquarters, 40 Quincy Avenue on the second floor. The duties of the Fire Prevention Bureau include fire prevention, education, fire inspections, arson investigation and community fire awareness. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.. If you have any questions concerning any fire-related subject, your inquiries will be welcome. Please call us at 617-376-1015.



The State of Massachusetts mandates all existing residential buildings be equipped with a working fire detection system. New buildings shall conform to all current Massachusetts and City of Quincy regulations. The following information lists the basic requirements needed for adequate fire protection.

Single family houses: Single family houses shall be minimally equipped with individual battery operated smoke detectors. Single family houses? smoke detectors must be mounted on the ceiling. They must be placed in the basement at the foot of the cellar stairs, on the first floor at the base of any stairway, and outside any sleeping areas, on the second floor (if applicable) outside any sleeping area and in an attic that is accessible by a permanent stairway (pull down stairways are not considered permanent.)

Two family houses: Two family houses shall have the same requirements as single family houses, but in addition must have battery operated smoke detectors in all common areas, including stairways, on the ceiling on each landing outside the entrance of each unit. If a permanent wall from floor to ceiling divides the basement, all separate basement areas must be protected by smoke detectors.

Houses with three to five units: Houses with three to five units shall have the same requirements as single family houses, but in addition must have a ?hard wired smoke detector system? (an electrically installed smoke detector system where all smoke detectors are connected and sound when one detector in the system is activated) in all common areas.

Houses with six or more units: Information for houses with six or more units is available by contacting the Quincy Fire Alarm Maintenance Division at 617-376-1021.

*Per City of Quincy ordinance, all houses must have street number secured to the house in a prominent place to pass inspection.

Upon the sale of a house, Massachusetts State Law requires a certificate from the local fire department certifying the house has been inspected by the fire department and is in compliance with State and local requirements. The certificate is valid for 30 days after the date of the inspection and must be presented at the closing of the sale of the house.

To obtain a smoke detector certificate, contact the Quincy Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau at 617-376-1015 and request an inspection for the sale of your house. You will be asked for your name, phone number and address of the house. Fire Prevention will then schedule an agreeable date for the inspection (please allow adequate time for appointment prior to closing) and give you any information you may need. The inspection will be done between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. on the date of the inspection.

Upon passing the inspection, a certificate of compliance will be available at the Fire Prevention Bureau. The following fees shall apply:

Single family house__$35.00
Two family house_____$45.00
Three family house___$55.00
Four family house____$65.00
Five family house____$75.00

The certificate shall be available immediately upon the house passing inspection at the Fire Prevention Bureau. The seller (or their representative) shall present a check or money order (no cash accepted) payable to the City of Quincy for the proper amount listed above. Upon payment, you will be furnished with a certificate valid for 30 days from the date of the inspection. The certificate is a legal document accepted by all agencies at the closing of the sale of a house.


All oil burner installations and significant modifications and repairs must be performed by an oil burner technician licensed by the State of Massachusetts. Upon the installation of a new oil burner in your home, the licensed oil burner technician will apply for a permit from the Fire Prevention bureau. After installation, the Fire Prevention bureau will contact the homeowner to arrange a date and time for an inspection. Upon passage of the inspection, the homeowner will receive a certificate of inspection from the Fire Prevention bureau.